The solutions provided in retail channels provide the fastest and the highest return on investment in RFID technology.

Retail Solutions

Retail chains prefer RFID technology in terms of inventory counts, accelerating product inputs / outputs, object traceability of products through unique identification labeling, and product safety in sales points. Successfully implemented projects are also used as a replenishment tool.

Determination of the locations of the products requested by the customer in the store, fast counts made out through the day and at the end of the day, provision of the re-dispensing of the consumed NOS (never out of stock) products and checking whether the products are the right aisle for the product can be done easily with RFID. In this way, it is possible to control the presentation of the products in the aisle having the sales potential by avoiding the empty aisles. RFID is one of the most important solution for the most important problem in the retail sector all over the world.

RFID is a serious support tool for retail management.

In advanced applications, RFID is a serious decision support tool for retail managers, thanks to the data they provide.

For example; readers placed in changing cabinets can report how much of the product is tested and how much of it is converted into sales. In this way, the analysis can be done in line with customer needs and personnel performances, contributing to sales efficiency.

Intelligent mirrors working with RFID technology provide customers with information on products and the like, and the structure compatible with mobile payment systems can reduce the dependency on POS points.

Another promise is that in the supply chain, if a problem has seen about the products produced by several suppliers in several batches can be brought to the source of the problem thanks to unique IDs in the feedback generated by the after sales complaints.

End-use dates that are of great importance in different branches of the retail chain, such as food chains, can also be easily monitored with RFID technology.

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