In logistics management, it is vital that the right product can be delivered to the right customers at the right time.

No more faulty shipment!

Uniqueid, with its domestic production equipment and software, prevents incorrect shipments, provides the right number of products to the right warehouses and centers, and provides correct support for the management of strategic decision-making and supply chain management.

Thanks to the automation at the shipping points, the energy saved here is used more efficiently at different points in the factory, saving valuable time and labor.

How does It work?

Uniqueid offers detailed reports in the pursuit of uniquely identified objects with RFID chip labels and makes it possible to track a company’s shipments in multiple different loading centers in real-time. All shipments of the company; lots of information including deadlines, amount, and even past shipments can be easily tracked from anywhere in the world in real-time with a web page or a mobile application.

Today, Uniqueid shares its experience and knowledge over 150 factories and logistic centers and has a mission of developing with the biggest retail and logistic companies in the world.

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