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In the modern age, technology develops day by day and makes human life easier. The easiest examples are smartphones, smart homes, smart systems.

Smartbarr Parking Systems

The most important of these is the transition systems that we have examined in the category of intelligent systems.

In order to manage the transition of people in the workplaces, in order to manage the passage of animals in agricultural enterprises; to manage and record vehicle passes in schools, hospitals, military, and parking lots transition management systems are used. These systems have been tried and developed by various companies in our country.


The number one smartbarr RFID Intelligent Vehicle Access Management System in the field of the most successful parking systems.

With smartbarr RFID Smart Car Access Management System, your vehicles are identified by radio frequencies. You can manage your systems such as shutters, barriers, sliding doors in your car park, on your site, in your workplace without the need of officials.

Thanks to the rapid transit system, long queues at the entrance of motorways and bridges are removed and the waiting time is reduced to zero.

Essentially, Smartbarr works the same way.

Firstly, our engineers place high-performance radio frequency antennas in the designated locations. These antennas are connected to the smartbarr control unit, which consists of a microcomputer and storage units.

Then smartbarr high-performance RFID tags are affixed to the windshields of your vehicles, just like the tags used in the HGS system. Only these few steps are enough for the system to become available. After this very simple installation process, you will only benefit from the advantages offered by smartbarr

As always, you will come to your house, your workplace, or your parking lot; you will be able to open the door by simply moving your vehicle closer to the door without having to look for the barrier control nor use a card out of the window nor having to press a button and pick up the toll from anywhere. As you approach the door, the smartbarr antennas will read the label on your car and open the barriers when you are only a few meters from the door. When you reach the door, the barrier will be opened and you will be able to pass safely without any delay, nor any danger for your own safety and any other driver with operations such as searching for control. The advantages smartbarr offers you are not limited to just that. You can choose between Smartbarr XL and Smartbarr Large

With all the features of the transition system, smartbarr Large will provide you with the fastest and easiest installation. This system, which you can easily pick up and install yourself, can be used as a plug-and-play without any adjustment. If you have a smartbarr Large, all you have to do is connect the output of the system to your barriers and attach your tags to your vehicle. After that, smartbarr Large will do everything for you.

What are the advantages of Smartbarr Large?

  • If you want more security,
  • If you want to record all the vehicles going in and out to your parking lot or your site with all the timing
  • If you want to limit and change user-based entries,
  • If you want to manage multiple doors at the same time,
  • If you want to keep a separate record for each door,
  • If you want to see the user-based input-output reports daily, weekly, and monthly,
  • If you want to keep high-security backups and data,
  • If you want to connect to the Internet and manage your system wherever you are in the world,
  • If you want to reach the system with more than one person as different authorities (user, administrator, security officer)
  • If you want to use it comfortably and easily,
  • If you want to use it with your mobile device,
  • If you want to have a license plate warning system, user information system at the entrance,

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