RFID Antenna

Our antenna design works are done by our electrical and electronics engineers within the scope of our company.

What We Do?

In ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) standards, we are producing high gain antennas for UHF RFID systems defined in the 865-867 MHz frequency range. We try to increase the reading area, gain and bandwidth according to the existing systems. Thanks to our antenna designs, which are low production cost and easy to manufacture, we eliminate dependency to abroad. We make alternative antenna designs to the examples of international markets by making totally domestic design and production. The measurements are done in our laboratory shown our antennas much more efficient than the alternative antennas in the same segment.

What is provided with the antenna?

Antenna is a system consisting of a conductor or conductors that converts electrical energy into electromagnetic interference (transmitting antenna) or converts electromagnetic energy into electrical energy (receiving antenna). The sending and receiving characteristics of an antenna are the same. This is called reciprocity of antennas. In two-way communication, the same antenna is used in both send and receive.

Performance Parameters of Antennas

Band Frequency Wavelength

  • VLF – Very Low Frequency 3KHz – 30KHZ / 100 km – 10 km
  • LF – Low Frequency 30KHz – 300KHz / 10 km – 1 km
  • MF – Medium Frequency 300KHz – 3MHz / 1km – 100m
  • HF – High Frequency 3MHz – 30 MHz / 100m – 10m
  • VHF – Very High Frequency 30MHz – 300MHz / 10m – 1m
  • UHF – Ultra High Frequency 300MHz – 3GHz / 1m – 10cm
  • SHF – Super High Frequency 3GHz – 30 GHz / 10 cm – 1 cm
  • EHF – Extremely High Frequency 30GHz – 300 GHz / 1cm – 1mm

In the direction of the specified performance parameters and frequency ranges, our company continues to work on RFID antennas in UHF (ultra high frequency) band, that is 300Mhz – 3Ghz range. Efforts are being made to improve the reading range, gain and bandwidth according to existing systems.

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